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Real live mermaids!

Something sparkly has swum up the Cam and is creating a splash already! Check out Merlesque – a magical trio of mermaid performers who work with Wildfire, available for both underwater and land-based performance work. Discover their website at:http://www.realmermaids.co.uk/, or find them on Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/RealMermaidsUK
Real live mermaids

Photograph by Andrew Stawarz

Alice in Wonderland characters galore!

Curiouser and curiouser!  Brand new photos of our amazing Alice in Wonderland themed walkabout characters are now up in the stilt-walking gallery!

Beware the angry Queen of Hearts as she towers above the crowd… Try to keep up with the White Rabbit as he bounces around the party… Watch in wonder(land) as the Mad Hatter juggles and the Playing Cards unicycle, swallow swords and perform acrobatic feats! Join Alice for the adventure of a lifetime with the Wildfire team!

As the White Rabbit would say: Don’t be late, book now for your very important date!

Here is a sneak preview, for your eyes only….

Alice in Wonderland characters

10th April 2012 – New things!

So – lots of changes in Wildfire – we’ve updated our testimonials section, we’re working on new choreographies, and we’re generally Making Things Happen. Expect to see some more changes in the website over the next few months, and hopefully some very shiny acts and costumes!

21st July 2011 – Newsletter!

Wildfire has a new monthly newsletter!

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~ The Wildfire Team

21st June 2011 – Busy weekend!

Summer is definitely here, and it’s been a busy weekend for Wildfire!

Face-painting, stilt-walking, unicycling, juggling  and teaching circus skills in Hampshire, then back to Cambridge to perform at four of the college balls, three of them on one night!  A very shiny glow show with EL-wire costumes and LED illuminated props… a fully choreographed fire show with flaming hula hoop and staffs… a belly-dancer accompanied by live drumming… and seven Alice in Wonderland themed walkabout characters, running about and ‘beheading’ all the guests!

A huge thank you to the 18 performers who worked with Wildfire this weekend!! You’re all incredible.

More photos coming soon, but for now here’s the Queen of Hearts, the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit. No prizes for guessing who is who!

Alice in Wonderland



24th March 2011 – Showreel filmed!

Last friday 12 of our top fire performers came together to shoot a fabulous new fire performance showreel in Cambridge.

The raw footage is being edited, the soundtrack is in the works, and we’re all very excited! We’ll post it straight up as soon as it’s done.

We also had a recent photoshoot with the wonderful David Nelson.  There are a few of the photos from that shoot in the fire gallery, but for now here’s one of our favourites!

The Wildfire Team

3rd January 2011 – Happy new Year!

Wildfire wishes all of its performers, staff, clients and associates a very happy new year!  We hope that you all enjoyed the festive season!

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes over the winter period  creating new costumes and acts, preparing to bring a whole range of spectacular and entertaining performances out in the new year.

We celebrated Christmas with the Crypt-mas display at the radiant Illumini Exhibition at St Pancras, London, and spent New Year’s eve fire-spinning at Salon Rouge, Cambridge’s top burlesque night. We’ve all had a blast, and hope that the coming year brings more of the same!

Best wishes for the year ahead,
The Wildfire Team

Illumini Exhibition: Fire show

Illumini Exhibition: The Glowman (Guy Smith)

5th November 2010 – Council Fireworks show

After all the preparation of the last month, our team of 20 performers and safety technicians pulled out all the stops and put on a brilliant show to precede the Cambridge City Council Fireworks display. Even the constant rain couldn’t put a damper on the event, and the audience were not only massive (estimated in the tens of thousands) but also positive and enthusiastic regardless of the weather!

So we’d like to say a huge thank you to all of our talented performers and dedicated safety technicians, and also to the organisers and audience who made it such a smoothly-run and enjoyable event!  And the fireworks were spectacular too!

We don’t have any photos of the fireworks show yet, but as four of our tireless performers went straight on to another private show after the fireworks display, here are  a couple of backstage photos of that:

5th November 2010 – Upcoming Fireworks show!

Wildfire will be putting on a spectacular fire show preceding this year’s annual Cambridge City Council Fireworks display on the 5th November!

With the predicted audience expected to number around 25,000 people, and the display itself due to be incredible impressive,  excitement is already mounting. If there’s one thing more spectacular than a brilliant fire show, it’s a brilliant fire show followed by a round of high explosives!

View the Council’s information on the event.

10th October 2010 – New routines and costumes

Lots of exciting things are happening backstage at Wildfire Productions this month!  There are several new routines in the works – we don’t want to give too much away, but there are fire swords and martial arts involved, as well as increasingly successful attempts to combine acrobatic dance with fire! Watch this space!

There are also several new stilts costumes complete, awaiting photographing – we have a crow demon (which has already been debuted, to the resounding screams of many teenage girls), an illuminated angel, and a naughty-nautical sailor girl, to name just a couple of them. Photos forthcoming, when we stop getting carried away with making even more costumes!